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Darkwatch XBox Game
  • PEGI 18

  • Release date: 07/10/2005Developer: High Moon StudiosPublisher: Ubisoft

    Darkwatch is a cinematic 1st person shooter (FPS) blending the Vampire-Horror and Western genres. More...

    Dolby Digital, Online Multiplayer, Friends, Voice
    Players: 1-4 Players
    Media: DVD

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    Darkwatch (Original version) Condition: Used - Very Good
    Original UK version, complete with case, covers and instructions. Disc and manual vgc. Only compatible with original Xbox, not 360 or newer consoles. Fast Despatch.


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    Darkwatch XBox Gameplay

    YouTube gameplay video selected by us (but not our gameplay)

    Full Description

    Darkwatch is a cinematic 1st person shooter (FPS) blending the Vampire-Horror and Western genres.

    They grind their enemies for fuel, fashion their skin into protective cloaks and create weapons designed to exterminate en masse, and they're the good guys! They are the Darkwatch, a mysterious secret society that has protected humanity from evil since the dawn of civilization. Their newest and most deadly agent is Jericho Cross, an outlaw gunslinger pulled into their ranks by an unfortunate close encounter with a vampire lord.

    Jericho's only chance of regaining his stolen humanity is to pursue the Vampire Lord through an American Frontier overrun by evil minions. Along the way Jericho relies on his deadly gun-fighting skills and advanced weapons and vehicles created by the Darkwatch, owing as much to sorcery as to technology.

    As half-vampire, his superhuman abilities allow him to move, see and take damage no living man could. When he's in tight spot or needs an extra burst of speed, he can summon his demonic horse from the very ground he stands on, firing his weapons from horse-back or crushing the rotten skulls of undead opponents with flailing hooves.
    To fight a monster, one must become a monster.

    Jericho Cross had no choice...but only he can save the West and his own soul from eternal damnation.

    -Explosive FPS action with unique graphics and an original storyline

    -Travel through an interactive living West -- a massive, seamless world with non-linear missions & dynamic enemy/NPC AI that reacts to your reputation and experience

    -Use weapons enhanced with the strange Darkwatch power, combined with horse-mounted gunfighting and special vampire abilities, in wild new FPS action

    -Authentic Western weapons - Pistols, rifles, shotguns, rocket-launchers, dynamite and even weapon-specific melee attacks

    -Location damage for precision gunfighting - Tear up undead by blowing them away piece by piece, or put a scare in those pesky living by shooting off hats or making them dance to your bullets

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