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Bestselling Sega Saturn Games

  • Sonic R
    Saturn Game: 2 used & new from £17.85 Guaranteed
    The world's most notorious speed demon pushes the 32-bit speed limit into extreme overdrive in a twisting, turning, upside-down-corkscrewing race for the finish line. Compete with 4 different characters-PLUS special "hidden" track smokers-and satisfy your need for speed through 5 blistering cricuits. More...
  • Sega Worldwide Soccer 97
    Saturn Game: 3 used & new from £3.80 Guaranteed
    Sega worldwide '97: the most sensational footy sim ever! Incredibly detailed graphics and intricate skills like volleys, bicycle kicks, shimmy's, one-two's and aftertouch combine to deliver the most authentic gameplay yet witnessed. More...
  • Need for Speed
    Saturn Game: 1 used & new from £8.65 Guaranteed
    Six tracks to race which can take place in the morning, noon or evening through a variety of scenery and locations. You have four views to choose from, and you can check out the history, performance and mechanical data of each car. More...
  • Virtua Racing
    Saturn Game: 1 used & new from £25.35 Guaranteed
    Get ready to race in the biggest VR Racing game to date - Virtua Racing for Saturn. Modes include time trial, Grand-Prix or splitscreen against a friend. More...
  • Quake
    Saturn Game: 1 used & new from £27.65 Guaranteed
    Warp through the slipgates and enter the world of Quake, the fastest, most intense 3D world yet created. From the creators of Doom comes a polygonal shredfest of epic proportions with untold horrors seeking your annihilation. A massive hit on PC, Quake rocks even harder on Sega Saturn. More...
  • Command and Conquer
    Saturn Game: 1 used & new from £7.95 Guaranteed
    Build and better your bases, Unite or divide your forces. Develop and utilise guerrilla tactics and a wealth of potent electronic hardware in your attempt to crush the opposition. More...
  • Winter Heat
    Saturn Game: 1 used & new from £17.85 Guaranteed
    The sequel to Athlete Kings brings your favorite characters back to compete in all the top winter sports. Converted from the arcade game but with three added Saturn exclusive events for a total of 11. More...
  • NHL 97
    Saturn Game: 2 used & new from £6.70 Guaranteed
    All of 1997's 26 NHL teams can be found in NHL 97, along with 18 international teams and two division All-Star rosters. EA uses real NHL players and stadiums as well, giving you the ultimate NHL experience. More...
  • Spot Goes to Hollywood
    Saturn Game: 2 used & new from £18.35 Guaranteed
    Spot goes to Hollywood is his most cinematic extravaganza to date! In this, his newest and coolest adventure, Spot takes a multi-level frolic through Hollywood's greatest film genres. Note to parents: Kids love Spot!!! More...
  • Street Fighter the Movie
    Saturn Game: 1 used & new from £42.60 Guaranteed
    Based on the film featuring Jean-Claude van Damme and Kylie Minogue. Taking the ever-present one-on-one beat-em-up format, SFTM muscles firmly in on Mortal Kombat territory, using digitized sprites of the movie's actors. More...
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