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Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo Playstation Game
  • ELSPA 3

  • Release date: 01/05/1998Developer: Polyphony DigitalPublisher: Sony

    Choose from 150 cars with realistic handling from classics to "real world" to supercars. Win races and use the proceeds to tailer your car to your needs. More...

    Analogue Compatible, neGcon, Steering wheel, Vibration Compatible
    Memory size: 5 Blocks
    Players: 1-2 Players
    Media: CD

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    Gran Turismo (Platinum version) Condition: Used - Acceptable
    Platinum disc only (in slim jewelcase - no instructions). Disc vgc. Fast despatch.


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    Gran Turismo (Platinum version) Condition: Used - Acceptable
    Platinum UK version, cased no instructions. Disc vgc, case good(6cm crack), inlays fair(sticker front). Fast despatch.


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    Gran Turismo (Platinum version) Condition: Used - Very Good
    Platinum UK version, complete with case, inlays and instructions. Disc vgc, case good(1cm crack), manual barely used. Fast despatch.


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    Gran Turismo Playstation Gameplay

    YouTube gameplay video selected by us (but not our gameplay)

    Full Description

    Choose from 150 cars with realistic handling from classics to "real world" to supercars. Win races and use the proceeds to tailer your car to your needs.

    As you gain experience and money in the game, you gain access to an ever-increasing array of parts, add-ons, and performance-enhancing accessories that you can apply however you see fit. At first, it's tempting to go straight for the horsepower - bigger engines, turbo chargers, etc. - but over time you realize the best way to spend your money is to use it to offset your own weaknesses as a driver. If you tend to be late and ineffectual with the brakes, beef 'em up. If you're constantly spinning out, get stickier tires. By the time you're finished, you'll have a machine that fits you like a glove - a car that takes advantage of your strengths and hides your shortcomings. You can even save your creation to a memory card and take it with you wherever you go.

    And where will you put this car to use? On the track, of course. Gran Turismo offers a great number of racing modes for you to try. If you choose the arcade mode, you can begin racing right away, alone or with another player. The arcade mode is a lot of fun, especially as a quick two-player race or as a way to get comfortable with the game. But the sim mode is where the real action is. Here's where you'll take part in a number of racing circuits and special events, everything from the introductory Sunday Cup all the way to the ultimate event - the GT World Cup. Again, the number and variety of venues and events are a pleasure to behold.

    One important note: Before you can enter a given circuit, you must obtain certification in the form of a license. When all the qualifying, prepping, and tweaking is over, it's on to the race itself. And here is where Gran Turismo really shines. The experience of racing is simply awesome - the controls are precise (especially with the analog controller), the physics are realistic, and the sense of pure speed is palpable. It's easy enough to get good at the game, but as with all classic games, becoming a true master at Gran Turismo is a long and arduous task, with your progress being measured in fractions of a second.

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