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Sega Saturn Kids Games

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  • Jurassic Park the Lost World
    Saturn Game: 1 used & new from £15.50 Guaranteed
    The handheld game based on the second Jurassic Park film puts the player in the shoes of an agent of InGen corporation who is sent to Isla Sorna, also known as "Site B", where dinosaurs still roam freely. More...
  • Pandemonium
    Saturn Game: 1 used & new from £18.95 Guaranteed
    Take a wild ride with Pandemonium! - the fastest 3D action game starring the hilarious combo Nikki, an acrobatic girl, and court jester Fargus (and Sid) when they get sucked into a dangerous otherworld after toying with a wizard's magic book. More...
  • Rayman
    Saturn Game: 1 used & new from £27.90 Guaranteed
    You have to climb through maze-like environments, navigate hazardous skies, and swing from perilous, suspended hooks. Yes, it's just like every other platformer but Rayman is done surprisingly well. Well enough, in fact, to warrant your precious gaming time. More...
  • Space Jam
    Saturn Game: 1 used & new from £11.40 Guaranteed
    It's the ultimate pick-up game. Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Lola and Michael Jordan vs. a team of outlandish alien 'Monstars!' This is the intergalactic hoops according to the Big Slam Theory! More...
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