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  • Road Avenger
    MegaCD Game: 3 used & new from €4.95 Guaranteed
    Road Avenger dates from the era when interactive movies (e.g. Dragon's Lair, Escape from Cybercity, Time Gal...) with film-quality graphics, but limited player movement, were highly popular. More...
  • Sega Classics Arcade Collection
    MegaCD Game: 2 used & new from €15.95 Guaranteed
    Sega Classics Arcade Collection is a collection for the Mega CD that includes five of Sega's biggest hits on the early life of the Mega Drive. These are Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Columns, Super Monaco GP and Revenge of Shinobi. More...
  • Cobra Command and Sol Feace
    MegaCD Game: 1 used & new from €15.95 Guaranteed
    This double pack contains both Sol-Feace and Cobra Command CDs. Sol Feace: pilot a space fighter through the defence systems of the computer system ruling the Earth. Cobra Command: repression by the covert acts of a worldwide terrorist group have been routed by a powerful new helicopter, the LX-3FX. More...
  • Sherlock Holmes
    MegaCD Game: 1 used & new from €16.95 Guaranteed
    In this game, the player is cast into the roles of Sherlock Holmes, the greatest fictional detective of all times, and his friend and partner Dr. Watson, as they have to investigate and successfully solve three criminal cases More...
  • Mortal Kombat
    MegaCD Game: 1 used & new from €48.95 Guaranteed
    Seven fighters step into the arena on Shang Tsung's mysterious island: Shaolin warrior Liu Kang, Special Forces operative Sonya Blade, the mercenary thug Kano, fame-seeking actor Johnny Cage, the ice wielding Lin Kuei warrior Sub-Zero and his undead adversary Scorpion, and Raiden himself. More...
  • Lethal Enforcers II
    MegaCD Game: 2 used & new from €22.80 Guaranteed
    You're a brave sheriff challenged to protect innocent citizens. Powerful weapons like a shotgun, gatling gun, 12-round rifle and even a cannon make your job easier. When the dust settles and the tumbleweeds roll by, only the most skilled Gun Fighters will be left standing. More...
  • Sonic CD
    MegaCD Game: 1 used & new from €30.55 Guaranteed
    Dr. Robotnik has taken over the Little Planet, captured Amy, and created Metal Sonic with the goal of collecting all the Time Stones to be able to manipulate time and conquer the world. It is up to Sonic to stop him, by rushing through levels set in different time periods, collecting Time Stones. More...
  • Thunderhawk
    MegaCD Game: 2 used & new from €15.95 Guaranteed
    Strap into your AH-3 thunderstrike and fly that sacred bird straight into the jaws of terror. Cruise into Panama and rain on a guerrilla parade with deadly whistler rockets... More...
  • Dune
    MegaCD Game: 2 used & new from €33.95 Guaranteed
    Far across the universe, past the edge of known things and expected outcomes, at the intersection of outer and inner space, lies the planet Arrakis. More...
  • Ground Zero Texas
    MegaCD Game: 1 used & new from €12.55 Guaranteed
    Space aliens are infiltrating the U.S. from a sleepy little town on the Texas/Mexico border, snatching bodies and paving the way for a greater invasion. Those they abduct return as Pod People-like drones, normal in appearance until they reveal themselves. More...
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