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Bestselling Gamegear Games

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  • Disneys the Jungle Book
    Gamegear Game: 2 used & new from £1.95 Guaranteed
    Based on the famous animated film, Walt Disney's The Jungle Book is a platform game where you control Mowgli, the boy who was raised by wild animals deep in the jungles. Your goal is to find the human village so you may you join your kin once again. More...
  • Cool Spot
    Gamegear Game: 3 used & new from £2.85 Guaranteed
    The objective of the game is to collect enough number of bonuses throughout each level in order to find the trapped Spots. More...
  • Donald Duck Lucky Dime Caper
    Gamegear Game: 1 used & new from £3.95 Guaranteed
    The evil witch Magica De Spell has stolen Uncle Scrooge's Number One Dime and kidnapped his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Donald Duck embarks on a mission, traveling around the world to save his three nephews and recover Scrooge's lucky dime. More...
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos
    Gamegear Game: 1 used & new from £7.70 Guaranteed
    The inhabitants of South Island are in danger! Dr. Robotnik has stolen all the Chaos Emeralds which kept the power balance. Robotnik has thrown the Emeralds in a parallel universe and is keeping the red one. Sonic and Tail must retreive all the Chaos Emeralds before the destruction of South Island. More...
  • Chakan
    Gamegear Game: 1 used & new from £3.95 Guaranteed
    Control a dead guy (Chakan has lost his soul) through many levels of hack and slash platforming. The ultimate goal is defeat all the bad-guys and so finally achieve inner-peace. More...
  • Terminator
    Gamegear Game: 1 used & new from £4.80 Guaranteed
    Kyle Reese, a lone warrior from the future, returns to the past to protect the one woman who holds the key to the survival of the human race. More...
  • WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge
    Gamegear Game: 2 used & new from £3.40 Guaranteed
    The game features several famous WWF stars, such as "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Bret "Hitman" Hart, Hulk Hogan, Irwin R. Schyster, Papa Shango, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Tatanka, Ted DiBiase and The Undertaker. More...
  • Popils
    Gamegear Game: 1 used & new from £5.80 Guaranteed
    Kidnapped by the evil sorcerer Popils the beautiful princess needs your help to escape. Trapped in a series of mindbending puzzles. It’s up to you to destroy the blocks in the correct order and lead her safety. More...
  • Primal Rage
    Gamegear Game: 2 used & new from £5.80 Guaranteed
    Select one of the ferocious dinosaurs then pound your opponents into submission as you battle for Urth Domination. Blizzard's Freeze Breath and Ice Geyser fighting moves stop you cold just before his Mega Punch hammers you senseless. More...
  • Virtua Fighter Animation
    Gamegear Game: 1 used & new from £6.55 Guaranteed
    Take the Virtua Fighter arcade experience wherever you go! Challenge the world's greatest fighters in the World Fighting Tournament! Crush your opponent with fighting moves straight from the Virtua Fighter 2 arcade game! More...
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